Insurance Products We Offer

Bruce Kantor, CLU offers the following products to clients in the Charlotte, Mint Hill & Matthews, NC area:

Long Term Care Insurance
---Individual and group contracts. Long term care can also be used as a tax favored ---employee benefit product for selected employees.

Life Insurance
Term Life - guaranteed premiums for 10 to 20 years
Whole Life Insurance - annual dividends (not Guaranteed)
Universal Life
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance-Not available for all ages
Second to Die Life Insurance - For estate planning needs
First to Die Life Insurance - For estate planning needs

Individual Disability - Own Occupation Contracts
Business Overhead Expense Insurance-
Key Man Disability
Disability Buyout Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Short Term Medical

Medicare Supplements

Medical for International travelers
- to and from the US

Viatical Settlements - purchase of a policy of one who is terminally ill.

Life Settlements - The purchase of a life insurance policy no longer needed by the insured.

Travel Accident Insurance
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Sports team accident policies

Dental Insurance
Vision Care Coverage