Life Insurance in Charlotte & Matthews, NC

Providing For Your Family's Future.

Your need for life insurance will change with changes in your life. For example, the arrival of children usually triggers a sharp increase in the amount you need. As children grow older and leave the nest, you will probably need less protection. Life insurance is designed to provide for your family in the event of a death. While no one likes to think about this, Life Insurance is an important part of a family's financial planning.

Term Life Insurance policies are the least costly. They pay death benefits but have no cash value if you decide to stop making payments. As the word "term" suggests, these policies are in effect for a specific period of time-one year or until you reach a certain age are common. You can compare life insurance policies online.

Whole Life, Universal Life, and other cash value policies combine a long-term savings and investment product with life insurance. Canceling these policies after only a few years can more than double your life insurance costs.